TEMANGGUNG — Secretary General, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (Secretary General Kemendes PDTT) Anwar Sanusi together with the Ngropoh Village community and community leaders from Temanggung Regency, as well as Village Assistants in Temanggung Regency held a public dialogue "Village Innovation", at Embung Abimanyu, Ngropoh Village , Kranggan District, Temanggung Regency, Central Java Province, Sunday (25/03).

The dialogue is a form of utilizing the Village Fund which is carried out in one of the locations that is one of the Village Development Priority Programs launched by the Ministry of Villages, PDT and Transmigration, namely the reservoir.

The construction of the Embung Abhimanyu uses 2 hectares of crooked land belonging to the village. This pond was built in mid 2012 and completed in 2012. The presence of the reservoir is expected to irrigate the plantation area owned by residents whose surroundings are dominated by durian and coffee trees, in addition to other plants.

To the dialogue participants, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Villages PDTT Anwar Sanusi, who was a resource person at the event, revealed more about one of the successful uses of village funds that came from community participation. “Like the construction of the Abhimanyu reservoir, this innovation has a positive impact on village development, especially from the agricultural sector. From these innovation models, it is hoped that they can have a positive influence in the surrounding villages," said the Secretary General.

Present at the event were PJS, Temanggung Regent, Sudaryanto, Chairman of Commission D of the Temanggung Regency DPRD, Badrun Mustofa, and Head of the Temanggung Regency Dinpermades, Agus Sarwono.

In the dialogue session, the Chairman of Commission D DPRD Temanggung Badrun Mustofa asked the villagers to maintain their trust in the use of village funds and always involve all elements of the village community in their use.